Privacy Policy

WEBB is committed to making its users aware of the information gathered and used to provide a better browsing on our site. We set forth our privacy policy to clarify the use of such information. By visiting, and registering you formally agree to the practices described in this privacy policy.

The Privacy Policy WEBB complies with the provisions of Brasilian Law no. 12,965 of April 23rd, 2014, hereinafter referred to as "Marco Civil da Internet" or "MCI" and committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of data and information of its Members.



In order to enhance our services and continuously improve your browsing experience on the WEBB site, we gather important information from our users.

Registration: Many of our services require that you register with a user account. When you register, the User pursuant to paragraph 7 of Article IX of the MCI expressly consent to the collection, use, storage and processing of your personal data. The User will provide the data of your company, such as: your company’s name, its trade name, the legal representative’s name, surname and identification numbers, your company’s city and state registry, the corporate email address, the company’s central address and its billing address, its phone number,  corporate taxpayer registry (CNPJ), password, among other items needed for our services. You may choose not to supply some information, but your browsing experience on our site is likely not to take advantage of all the available resources.

The User may request, at the end of the term of the relationship between the User and WEBB, respecting the minimum period of three (3) years from the date of transaction made on the site, the definitive exclusion of the data you provided through existing requirement in Customer Service site, except the cases of compulsory storage of information provided for in MCI.

Other sources: We may gather specific information from mobile devices accessing the WEBB site. Moreover, we store some information automatically received every time the user interacts with our site. Internet Protocol (IP), browser type and pages viewed on our site are a few examples of that collection, made possible by means of cookies.

Cookies are identifiers of your interaction with our site or our advertisements that are transferred to the user’s device so as to make it recognizable on the next browsing. We use cookies to provide a better experience on our site and to provide customized resources, such as specific service recommendation, advertisements and additional user-oriented information.

At any time, the user may disable cookies saving, and delete and manage them through the configuration of the browser used to access the WEBB site.

All the information gathered through the WEBB site is stored and protected in secrecy by WEBB. The only exceptions are specified in the “Information Sharing” section.



You are free to choose which information you wish to provide to WEBB; some of them, however, are essential to concluding the acquisition of services and a better browsing experience on the WEBB site.

By registering their email and cell phone number at the bottom of the page on the site, users choose to receive regular information and promotions by email or SMS.

Electronic message sending will only happen with the user’s consent and may be deactivated at any time by an exclusion request of the email and cell phone number.

You may exclude your email Through our Customer Relationship Center via chat, email or telephone.

The main Internet browsers allow users to manage the use of cookies by their device. Our recommendation is to maintain cookies saving active. In that way, it’s possible to explore all the resources of customized browsing offered by the WEBB site, a function which, should the User not agree to it, may be deactivated.

Users are entirely responsible for the updating and correct providing of data to the WEBB site upon registration. Clients may, if they wish, cancel their registration by contacting our Customer Relationship Center.

Given the constant evolution of its business model, WEBB reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, by releasing an updated version on

Users may, at any time, clarify any doubts on our privacy policy through our Customer Relationship Center or by contacting us at the address: Rua do Passeio, 62/10º andar – Centro – CEP: 20.021-290 – Rio de Janeiro –RJ, Brasil.



WEBB advises site users to protect their information against any unauthorized access to their computer, their account or their password. Always make sure to click on “exit” as you end your browsing on a shared computer.

WEBB informs all the users that it will never send electronic messages to install programs in users’ computers.

To maintain the security and protection of information from users of the site, the WEBB uses the communication protocol (https) and SSL method to encrypt all communications made  between the User and WEBB applications.

The applications of WEBB are hosted in data centers with Security Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27001 Smart Cloud Enterprise, ISO 20000, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3.



User information security and secrecy are very important to WEBB. Our privacy policy protects information provided by users upon registration and WEBB is committed to the secrecy of said information, with the proviso of some legal exceptions or those arising from certain situations.

In some situations, information sharing is made necessary. The following are examples of information sharing:

New business: during the ongoing development of our business, mergers and acquisitions of companies, subsidiaries and other businesses may occur. In such business transfers, information on the respective users is also transferred. But even so, our privacy policy will be maintained and the information will be kept within WEBB’s environment.
Court order: WEBB may share information if it is compelled to do so by a court order through summonses, subpoenas or notifications.
With the client’s authorization: in all other cases, should information sharing be needed, we will send a notification asking for our user’s approval or refusal.
Information sharing between network users: information freely shared among network users (“companies or “corporations”) are their own responsibility. Such information is not protected by WEBB’s commitment to secrecy with its users as set forth in this Privacy Policy.
Sharing data for statistical purposes: Consistent with the provisions of item 7 of Article VIII of the MCI, it is clear that the data collected from Users may be used for purposes of statistical reporting, without any identification or individualization of origin.