Webb will be your company’s partner and share with you the knowledge acquired in years of active engagement in the Supply Chain Management area. The services we offer include diagnosing critical points and bottlenecks, sharing knowledge and identifying solutions.

Count on our experienced team, whose constantly updated knowledge on the best purchase and logistic practices will help you make the right decision on processes and technologies.

An accurate diagnosis and an action plan

Use the Webb Consulting service to conduct an in-depth analysis of your Supply Chain. Compare your processes to market benchmarks and get recommendations to achieve the expected results: increased productivity, lower costs or time optimization. Identify low-performance suppliers, inefficient processes and time misspent by your employees.

Get a deeper knowledge of your processes, structure and quality levels. After a detailed analysis, all recommendations are quantified, prioritized and validated. Your decisions will always be well-grounded and you will be able to effect a gradual implementation, with fast and lasting results.

Capture of results

Use our support to implement actions with a direct impact on the efficiency of your supply chain. Webb’s Consulting service will guide you in your decision-making process according to the diagnosed problems. Avoid problems in the purchase and logistics areas, improve spending transparency, lower your costs, enhance service levels and improve existing commercial conditions.

Count on Webb to redesign your processes and organizational structure. Make your management leaner and more integrated, using the best practices in the market to achieve a smoother control.

Define and execute the best Sourcing and contract renegotiation strategies. Use Webb’s knowledge to help you prioritize categories, explore the supplier market, define the best negotiation strategies, conduct online negotiations and implement contracts, always knowing the best time to act.

Enablement of buyers

Use Webb’s experience to train and qualify your team and achieve autonomy to reach the best results for your company. Our staff is prepared to offer customized training to your teams according to their profile and to your company’s needs.

Enable your team to access the best market practices on purchase management and decision and action capability. While on training, your staff will use Webb’s technology solutions to see the actual application of the concepts they have learned.

Optimize your logistics operations through decisions based on knowledge and market benchmarks. With our support, you will be able to design optimized transportation networks, renegotiate freight terms and costs and implement performance indicators.

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