Logistics Center

Webb’s Logistics Center allows you to efficiently outsource a part of your company’s transport management. Companies usually adopt Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to spend less in tasks with little relation to their business. Some of the outsourced activities are shipping scheduling, monitoring logistics operations, cost management and delivery schedules.

A specialized team in operations management

Outsource steps of your company’s logistics management and achieve greater productivity at lower costs. Webb’s Logistics Center is formed by an experienced team focused on results. Different cells, specialized in travel programs, schedules, incident management and cost management, work in an integrated manner. Service levels are previously agreed upon with our clients. As a result, fleets are optimized and operational problems such as delays, returns and bottlenecks are minimized.

Greater cost efficiency and control

Use Webb’s Logistics Center to manage all the information pertaining to your transport operation. Achieve greater visibility and productivity, aside from standardized and auditable processes.

Avoid undue charges and cost-increasing problems like stays, reshipments and unloading charges among others. A specialized team compares values charged with values actually owed in order to analyze their propriety.

Better communication leading to proper decisions

Keep the Logistics Center team concentrated on your company’s operation while your staff focuses on strategic activities. Shippers, carriers and recipients achieve greater transparency and improved communication. The result is: agile decisions and fewer operational problems.

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