Invoice Management

It is much easier now to control delivery of material and services, to validate invoices and release payment to suppliers. With a simple process and organized invoices, you can increase your team’s productivity and prevent undue payment.
Invoice Management– A simple way to capture invoices

A simple way to capture invoices

Your purchasing team will be able to input invoice data in the system from scratch, through a blank form, or simply import the electronic invoice XML, individually or in batches.

And the best thing: you don’t need the request to be previously inside the Webb solution.By using the Invoice module, you already benefit from the automatic validation of the invoice’s structure and you may consult the file as you need it.

Invoice Management–Automatic data validation upon order delivery

Automatic data validation upon order delivery

Caso também utilize o módulo de pedido, a nota ela será automaticamente associada a ele. De forma automática, a solução confere se os dados da Nota Fiscal estão de acordo com o pedido realizado. A partir daí, sua equipe de compras poderá verificar se existem divergências entre o que foi entregue e o que consta na Nota Fiscal. Dessa forma, você fica seguro: o que está sendo cobrado é fiel ao que está sendo entregue.

Greater control of order and receipts

The solution also allows you to search invoices by diverse criteria and download or cancel them. Your team will gain time because it no longer needs to dedicate itself to checking or validating invoicesmanually. You achieve greater control over what is ordered, delivered and charged.

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