Measurement Reports

Formalize the services rendered to your company. Compare planning and execution, release the corresponding payments and rate your suppliers.

Webb’s solution helps you control and manage service performance in your company in a more efficient way. Comparing planning and execution prevents payment for unperformed services. Avoid surprises at the end of a contract as you compare budgeted and actual costs.
A more efficient service management

A more efficient service management

Use our solution to identify completed steps in the performance of a service over a certain period. Organizing and recording steps make the process more visible, which increases control over the contract’s ongoing performance and improves its comparison with the original plan.

Improved communication between buyers and suppliers

Allow your service providers to visualize the measurement of their contracted activities and to follow the evaluation of their services. This ensures greater agility in making important decisions to improve service performance.
Increased control over service performance and payment

Increased control over service performance and payment

Release payments automatically as information on service measurement is received. Your suppliers will issue invoices according to the effectively executed amount of work, which prevents undue or advance payment.

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Measurement Reports

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