Purchase Orders

Place your orders to business partners and follow all the steps up to product delivery. Greater visibility of an order’s progress makes for an easier management of your company’s purchases.Following all the steps online, from acceptance to filling and delivery, minimizes problems with delays and shortages.
Online exchange of information

Online exchange of information

Create and send your supplier an automatic order based on a winning quote or a request you received. You can also place an order using a blank form whenever you need. You may attach documents, specify shipping destinations and forms of payment, and address comments to your supplier. The whole buying process is recorded online.
Multiple order management

Multiple order management

View and manage several orders simultaneously, in an easy and simplified way. Your suppliers may use the same solution to accept or reject your requests. Your buyers may follow the status of each order, as well as shipping information and delivery confirmation.

Flexible configuration

Define the approval flow according to post, value and purchase category. In order to save time and minimize error, our solution allows you to predefine sets of information needed for each type of order. Such configurations help conduct fast audits and ensure flexibility in fulfilling different order needs.
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Purchase Orders
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