Turn your price search into a fast and automatic task. Get quotes online, send them to your suppliers, receive and compare proposals with ease.

Finding the best prices in the market, comparing proposals and selecting a winning supplier get easier, faster and more accurate with Webb’s technology for Quote Management.
Online creation and mailing of Requests for Quotes (RFQ)

Online creation and mailing of Requests for Quotes (RFQ)

Buyers can easily set quotes and send them to their suppliers. This quoting system can either yield results based on grouping requests already received or generate a new quote from the start, including products, specifications and suppliers. You can enter catalog items or new ones, dates, comments and attachments. Predefined templates also help you save time and increase efficiency.

Real time monitoring of ongoing progress

Follow and manage with ease the quotes you send to the market. Status is updated in real time through online communication between buyers and suppliers. A highly visible process allows you to easily monitor responses and alter deadlines whenever you need.
Accurate comparison of proposals leading to correct choices

Accurate comparison of proposals leading to correct choices

Our solution generates a comparative chart of the proposals sent by your suppliers. Garbled and unsorted information on e-mails and documents switched by the staff are no longer a problem. Webb’s technology not only gathers data automatically but also allows you to create different comparison scenarios and even send your counteroffers to the market. The process becomes faster and more accurate, which helps select the best proposal and strike the best deals.

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