Conduct negotiations online and achieve immediate savings. Define the product or service to be negotiated, specify conditions, invite suppliers and follow bids in real time.
Personalized auctions for each need

Personalized auctions for each need

Specify the ideal auction type for each purchase or use the auction combination best suited to your strategy. Define the competitors’ view on each others’ bids and add the items to be negotiated. You can also customize the auction with your visual identity and include your logo.
This tool holds three auction types

This tool holds three auction types

• English - Suppliers place their bids for a period set by the buyer. The participant with the best bid at closing time wins.
• Dutch – An initial bid is suggested by the buyer and gradually increased until a participant accepts.
• Japanese - Value is set by the auctioneer and lowered at each round. Participants may accept or not to remain in the negotiation. The last one to stay is the winner.

Simultaneous negotiation with several companies is simplified

Our solution makes it possible to invite new suppliers or add those already registered in the Webb Base. Selection of the best suppliers is faster and the negotiation process more agile. Automatic updates are sent to all participants at each step of the auction. The buying team saves time and is freed from operational tasks so that it can focus on strategic activities.
Lances online em tempo real e economia de até 30%

Online bids in real time and savings up to 30%

Follow the negotiation in real time, monitor bids and chat with participants whenever you need. Auction-driven competition leads to sizable savings as technology ensures transparency and security to the process. Our solution has low usage cost and yields the best conditions for the deal. The company’s savings can be as high as 30% of the initially quoted value.

Purchase categories and potential savings

• Telecommunications – 30%
• Printing services – 15%
• Hardware and software purchases – 15%
• Office supplies – 12%
• HR benefits – 10%
And much more.

Webb’s services and best practices

Access Webb’s specialized services, from training and support during negotiations to help configuring templates and contact with specialized consultants. Your projects’ results can be maximized by Webb’s ample experience in Sourcing processes and by our profound knowledge of the best practices in the market. You may also use our Support via chat, telephone and e-mail when conducting auctions.

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