Supplier Management

Webb’s solution for Supplier Management consolidates and organizes the information you need for qualifying and managing your company’s suppliers. Technology makes it simpler and more automatic to locate, record and validate the companies that will become your business partners.

Intelligent supplier database

Intelligent supplier database

Make sure your team doesn’t waste time with such routine activities as the manual registration of companies. Technology use does away with the need to resubmit information sent through e-mail or printed documents. Our solution provides automatic standard procedure for the registration and validation of suppliers.

Send multiple e-mail invitations so that suppliers can register in your database. You may upload a list yourself. And you may also invite individual suppliers. Define which documents are needed for registration and validation. Our solution also includes an option for online acceptance of the terms and conditions of your company’s internal policy.

Consolidated and organized information yields more visibility

Consolidated and organized information yields more visibility

Make it easier to visualize all the relevant information in your supplier database and increase your control over it. In a single place, you will be able to access registers, documents, certificates and other data from your list of suppliers. Increased information visibility optimizes employee time and makes it easier to prevent obsolete or duplicated entries.

Updated database with no inactive documents

Updated database without inactive documents

Use technology to define document expiration and automatically request critical data updating of your supplier database. Our solution controls expiration dates and sends update alerts to your suppliers, making sure the register is always updated. You will be able to reduce tax, labor, environmental and legal costs by avoiding questionable suppliers.

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